About us

Bronkies Houtwerk & Kuns, is a small business with a big heart and great character.

Bronkies Houtwerk & Kuns was established in 2004 initially as a hobby, manufacturing educational aids for students and teachers. As our business expanded, we invested in our very first Laser cutting machine to assist us in the production of educational aids.

Our clients started requesting different products and designs, which we started producing.

Later, we entered the wholesale & retail industry selling to businesses for resale.

In December 2014 we opened our very first retail store, situated in Bloemfontein, Free state, South Africa. Expanding our business through our existing customer base.

Today, we have three Laser cutting machines assisting us in our daily production of customer orders as well as various products we have on offer in our store. We also have a small Factory where we manufacture larger wooden products that do not require Laser cutting technology.

We mainly manufacture & supply small wooden art effects, raw MDF blanks as well as all custom Laser Cutting products. If you need a custom piece we will design & manufacture the item to the best of our abilities.

We have a vast quantity of different products to offer. To name a few examples, we have 2-dimensional ‘clip art’ pictures lasered on and cut out on the wood, Placemats & Coasters for your dining room table, Various sizes hearts & crosses, Key holders & hangers, etc. Our 3-dimensional range has a lot more to offer, from DIY puzzles you can assemble yourself, or we can assemble for you, to gift boxes & jewellery boxes, all sorts of containers, etc. We also supply a variety of paints, brushes, stickers, arts and crafts tools, mosaic tiles & accessories, scrapbooking Paper sheets & accessories, key rings & chains, serviettes for crafting, mediums, and so much more!

We welcome you to scroll through our website at your own leisure.